Action Taimanin (JP) Mod Apk 1.2.18 (Mod Menu)


Action Taimanin (JP) Mod Apk 1.2.18 – Close to the future. There was an invasion precept between people and monsters, the precept was damaged by human accident, bad people and monsters collide and the world enters a range of confusion. “To confront the evil of this alien wizard, ninjas with superhuman abilities and qualities have come together. People call them Shinobu Shinobi. A particular company made up of Shinobu Shinobu was designed to deal with global terrorism and the Makai energy spectrum. The main mission is to gave to the service company in particular was to recover organic weapons that were stolen from the US base in Japan.

However, the mission faced a surprising improvement, and while the service company in particular welcomed an amazing ally, it turned into a surprising confrontation. The individual is said to be the strongest Shinobu Shinobu, Igawa Asagi. A full-fledged motion RPG that can deliver exciting experience with easy button operations.
Players become commanders of specific corps and problem missions around the world. Directs the main characters of the “Anti Shinobu” collection and subjugates the evil of the alien magician.

Features of the Mod Apk

  • Menu
  • Dumb Enemy (dosn´t Attack)
  • DMG registration (activate before battle)
  • High DEF (activate before battle)
  • HP High (activate before battle)
  • High Crit (activate before battle)


January 13, 2021

7.0 and above


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