AdVenture Communist Mod Apk 5.8.0


AdVenture Communist Mod Apk 5.8.0 it’s another good click from Kongregate, which is created by analogy with the AdVenture Capitalist cult, but only with a diametrically opposed ideology. Players must become a potato mogul, or what will be called a personality with such views on life, which gives not only the nation, but also everyone. Historically, it will probably be necessary to start small and progressively to become a legendary person. Totally different alternatives, bonuses, automated processes, achieving ranks, hiring assistants, in addition to many different issues, will please any fan of the “faucet simulator”. AdVenture Communist Apk Mod – a captivating captivating clicker format, the place where you will do your best to develop the financial element of one of the many communist nations.

Starting the growing method will probably be a small area of ​​potatoes, which will be able to work seriously on the fundamental character of the sport. The work brings to the protagonist a small amount of crops. It will not only hire new assistants, but also pay for their work, in addition to pumping their strokes, so that the work would be much faster and earn a little more. After entering the required amount of knowledge factors, you may maneuver towards a new location and never just the type of exercise, but you also pay. Now you do not need to plant potatoes, it is essential to domesticate the land and sort small plots, then you can become a miner, build a complicated protection and more. The pieces for the state event within the sport are more than enough, the main factor is to look for time to pump up and get the foreign money for the sport, which is always missing. The gameplay within the sport, albeit monotonous, no matter how striking. Painted graphics, very vibrant, compared to different players, there are many variations and improvements that will not allow you to get bored for a long time.

Features of the Mod Apk

  • 0 Update cost scientist
  • A scientist card is required 1
  • high comrade multiplier (upgrade card to comrade multiplier and grow very high)

Information: do not update all cards to the maximum. You cannot collect cards for a maximum of upgrade cards. This is important for the “collect letters x” mission.


January 27, 2021

5.0 and later


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