Among Us Mod Apk 2021.3.5 (Unlocked)

Between Us Mod Apk 2021.3.5 – Great and authentic movement, designed for multiplayer actions from 4 to 10 individuals. They will act as astronauts preparing the spacecraft for an extended voyage. The state of affairs is that he is not only an impostor, but also a murderer needed to send the rest of the crew to the ancestors. The participant, who has acquired this function, must ensure the foundations of security, not stand out in opposition to the actions of others, exercise law enforcement on the success of functions with colleagues, as well as seek a possibility for their liquidation. The unpredictability of the occasions will amuse any non-standard leisure fan. Between Us Mod Apk it is an interesting enclosure painted with a complicated plot and duties that attract attention spanning many secrets and techniques. Players are invited to fix the group, which is located in the spaceship. They travel through an unlimited universe and discover new planets. Within the story of the game, aboard the ship penetrated the enemy, which needs to destroy the entire crew and injure the methods of vital assistance of the flying ship. You could find out where the intruder is and why you want him.

As discussed above, the game will run on the spacecraft boron, which consists of many compartments. The game has a number of modes, you will be able to fight all the PC players and real players, and you can become a member of the crew and the intruder, which everyone needs to look for. Enjoying the latter, you must do everything to deal with the crew members, attending to them from behind and committing invisible murders. Enjoying for one of the many crew members, the participant should rigorously transfer the compartments and if the intruder is discovered, inform the others about him. Use a chat room, the place where players could make their assumptions and vote for these people who are supposed to be perfect for the attacker function. Immerse yourself in this inexpressible environment and benefit from group play.

Features of the Mod Apk

You can choose any clothes, hat and pet (after connecting to the room, go to your laptop, click Customize and select the things you want in the Hat, Pet and Skin sections).


March 6, 2021

4.4 and later versions


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