Apple Knight: Action Platformer Mod Apk 2.1.4 (Unlimited Money)

Apple Knight: Action Platformer Mod Apk 2.1.4 is a platform action sprint with mechanically similar retro graphics in addition to an extended period of play. Which will surely appeal to all connoisseurs of the old style. He and the younger knight will travel through very damaging lands. The duty is easy: defeat the usurper and regain control along with the way. In early childhood, the protagonist needed to flee the palace due to the coup that began and now the risen prince wants to avenge the death of his mother and father and take back what belongs to him. Correctly, the players will help you in this endeavor. Apple Knight: Action Platformer Apk Mod is a travel motion platform with attractive pixel graphics and ranges.

Embark on a harmful journey, full of traps, enemies and gems that can help the knight achieve fame and wealth. Select a curiosity personality for yourself, equip it with sharp swords and golf equipment, study useful spells, and start your heavy means. The game has three modes of capturing attention, which differ in the degree of emission and the variety of control points in which the actuality of the game is stored. To finish the extension, it is advisable to climb, stay away from bat collisions, overcome abysses, jump sharp peaks and not allow magicians to hit you with fireballs. The buttons on the edges of the program are responsible for management: on the left you can see arrows for movement, and precisely you can see a set of buttons for hanging, throwing apples, jumping and some acceleration. The money you have just accumulated by overcoming the titles can be used to accumulate new heroes, weapons and skills, among which not only must you throw apple, but also a name of bats, fireballs and sharp spears.

Features of the Mod Apk

  1. Unlimited gold
  2. Unlimited apples
  3. Unlock all worlds
  4. Unlock all items
  5. Unlock all levels


February 22, 2021

4.4 and later versions


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