Battle of Legendary 3D Heroes Mod Apk 12.3.0


Battle of Legendary 3D Heroes Mod Apk 12.3.0 – Role mission through which players will fight 1 on 1 towards an opponent. Exactly, the fight will probably be completely different models on the battlefield. And collaborators will observe the occasion event, reinforce submissions and give help at the same time, improving options and components and more. Therefore, the game can be very similar to a method with battles in restricted arenas. There are a number of modes and situations that can regulate what happens and decide what is required for unconditional victory over the enemy. From the same old phases, to fights with bosses and endless battles.

Game Features:

  • 43 3D Heroes in the Historical Past and Myths from Many International Locations
  • Battle scenes based primarily on 3D fashions and particular results
  • Each hero has distinctive traits of class and skill, warrior, hunter, wizard, magician, assassin, vampire, healer and extra
  • Avatar has 5 interesting mounts, along with tigers, flaming horses and battle dragons
  • Rich arts system along with a highly effective artifact system
  • three arenas, you can take 1 or three groups of heroes to fight at the same time
  • In World Cup mode, you can fight with high players on all servers
  • World boss mode
  • Legion boss mode, you can have issues with very effective bosses with alliance members
  • Nest modes with excessive random rewards
  • In mine battle mode, you can get rich rewards by occupying and collecting minerals
  • Infinite forests, lead all heroes through limitless challenges of monsters and get rich rewards
  • Tower of Darkness. Defeat successive players for rich rewards

Features of the Mod Apk

  1. Lower attack speed
  2. Instant rage ability ready
  3. No automatic rage ability (tap your hero to cast rage ability)


January 24, 2021

5.0 and later


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