Best Fiends Mod Apk 8.9.0 (Unlimited Gold/Energy)


Best Demons – Free Puzzle Game Mod Apk 8.9.0 is a much-appreciated three-game in a row so players will help the adorable residents of the Miniature nation fight the slugs. And it started with the truth that the meteorite crashed against the excessive mountain and surprisingly turned strange mollusks into the gang of scoundrels trying to seize everywhere. The brave critters begin the fight, they will not be offered at the mercy of the modified neighbors. Ahead prepared for more than 2000 ranges of diverse complexity, day-to-day occasions with good rewards, stunning graphics with results, plus much more. Best Fiends – Puzzle Journey Mod Apk is a fun puzzle game with colorful graphics, cute characters and over 3000 ranges. The story of the game takes us to a city known as Miniaturia, the place where all the native bugaboos lived in peace and friendship. Unfortunately, time did not end, a large meteorite crashed into the mountain and the unknown energy turned the bizarre slugs into real thugs.

They decided to take over the whole metropolis and attract the inhabitants of the area and you need to collect a brave group of funny strollers and get back to your home. The gameplay of the game fully replicates the three basic puzzles in a row, with some quirks. You won’t have to vary the time in places and mix them with one finger, trying to put together the longest feasible chain and gain additional factors. Joining the components of the game board can be diagonal, vertical and horizontal. The crucial factor is to meet the goal and fight all the slugs. Don’t forget that strikes are restricted and apply bonuses on time. The ranks within the game are more than enough, their complexity will increase evenly, so you will have time to gain knowledge and discover many new characters with distinctive abilities. On the skin, the puzzle looks nice, with bright spots, simple animation, results and good music in the background.

Features of the Mod Apk

  • You can buy anything for diamonds, even if you don’t have enough;
  • To get a huge amount of gold, you get or spend some of it.


January 15, 2021

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Best Fiends v8.9.0 Mod

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