Bulu Monster Mod Apk 7.4.2 (Massive Rewards)


Bulu Monster Mod Apk 7.4.2 – A phenomenal and attractive role-playing mission that refers to its content and the mechanics of the traditional Pokémon game, but at the same time has many distinctive options that do not allow you to name the game as a clone. Before us, a captivating story that grows on a large island, there is a selection of monsters and other people tried to be their coaches. Players are given the position of one of the many newcomers to the court. They have to start with a bit and have handed out many checks to become acquaintances that no one can earn in life or in the environment. Bulu Monster Mod Apk – role-playing game where you have to travel the worlds, accumulate monsters and take part in colorful battles.

The game begins with the configuration of the appearance of the main character, selecting his gender, appearance and pet, which will accompany your character throughout the game. A huge fireplace dragon, whale and turtle. They are all representatives of one of the many parties, select essentially the most sympathetic to us and take to the streets. Do not forget that each of the monsters has each of the strengths and weaknesses they are contemplating. The gameplay of the game can be very simple, but at the same time it draws attention in passing. You will transfer through the places and fight with different players, who also name their monsters. The new creatures will be present in completely different places, they will go to the mountains, dark forests, caves and try to catch them all, even the rarest creatures. The battles within the game are based on turns, that is to say, the own creatures assault the monsters that are in the entrance of them and the winner leaves essentially the most effective and pumped creature. He returns to camp and spends the acquired spheres on pumping up welfare, injuries, and neighborhood specialization.

Features of the Mod Apk

1. Massive rewards
(you can receive endless rewards as you wish)


– immediately after finishing the tutorial, when accessing the red box, click on Search and choose done to get rewards, do more and more, to get as massive rewards as you can, and click on the close icon to continue the game


– I added an unsigned version to save your progress
– Mod does not work in the store (Bulu points are visual there)


January 13, 2021

4.1 and later versions


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Google Play

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Bulu Monster v7.4.2 Mod

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