Cover Fire: Offline Shooting Games Mod Apk 1.21.8 (Unlimited Money)


Cover Fire: Offline Shooting Games Mod Apk 1.21.8 – Community shooter with good graphics and rich gameplay in numerous modes. Supporters of the co-op and PvP occasions prepare not only the team-to-team confrontation, but also the survival towards zombies in varied environments. It is in this very useful and cohesive group of players able to cover each other in difficult situations. The plot occasions revolve around the Tetracorp company and the people preventing with their hegemony the entire planet. Quite fashions of weapons and ammunition, homework and exams, pumping, character customization and much more prepared by the builders. Cover Fire Apk Mod – Three-dimensional capture gallery within the first individual with a huge set of missions, many weapons and stylish locations.

Historically, for video games of this format, the game will be divided into many ranges and each will have to perform a particular activity. Based on the success of the duty, you will get a variety of money and cash. The latter include cash, weapons, various upgrades, as well as amplifiers. Whenever it is important to play for a random character, usually everyone completely handles only one type of weapon. For example, there is a sniper, he should shoot accurately on the heads, the assault plane will interrupt the head ahead and shoot everyone who approaches and the grenade launcher is ready to make a correct shot to deal with any group of terrorists well armed. While undergoing missions, you also need to keep a close eye on civilians who could also be at a scorching point at the worst possible time. True connoisseurs of shooters and 3D levels will be delighted with this adventure, provided that updates with new missions are released very often.

Features of the Mod Apk

  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited and fraudulent energy
  • Fraudulent unlimited gold
  • VIP i.e. premium


January 29, 2021

4.1 and later versions


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