Crab War Mod Apk 3.28.0 (Unlimited Pearls)


Crab War: Idle Swarm Evolution Mod Apk 3.28.0 is a beautiful dynamic and tactical travel challenge when it comes to the world of crabs that allows players to find their tactical skills. Who, by the way, were forced to cover the bottom due to an assault on reptiles. Players and their workforce chosen by claw owners will lead the liberation struggle and become the main focus of the assault, which can destroy enemy leaders. Commanders can have deep alternatives to developing and practicing elite fighters, buying distinctive skills, and more, which can allow them to fight in equal sentences with a really harmful enemy and with few. Crab War Mod Apk is an arcade travel movement game with technical pieces, the place where epic battles of crabs and alien creatures await you.

Throughout the game you can be involved in the creation and cultivation of a unique army of many types of crabs. In many places you may be opposed by large bosses who progressively destroy the elements of your wards. You will have to press the screen almost incessantly and name the new crabs, sending them to the correct disappearance. You need to select the trail of improvement that crabs will meet and create new, much superior and highly effective soldiers. There are over 80 different crabs prepared for you, which will be pumped and improved in each method, creating real killing machines. They differ in appearance and set of traits, abilities, and skills. A wide variety of reptiles, wild beasts and different creatures with unknown energy will oppose you. All courses offered within the game are balanced, have a number of instructions to improve, in addition to a huge arsenal of used weapons. For the arcade display is very stylish, there is animation and fun results, and the music and sounds completely combine with the game.

Features of the Mod Apk

  • Unlimited pearls

How to get pearls when using the MOD version

Select Menu (upper right corner of the screen), select Continue. Choosing any social network gives you many pearls.


January 13, 2021

4.2 or more


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