DEAD TARGET: Zombie Mod Apk 4.53.0 (Unlimited Gold/Cash)


DEAD TARGET: Zombie Mod Apk 4.53.0 is a great first-person action within the zombie apocalypse. The game’s occasions begin in 2040, shortly after one of the many generals credited a contract with a biopharmaceutical company to create a batch of fighting mutants. A collection of chance and direct sabotage has led to a world now in ruins and without wars. And few survivors, within the early stages of the world summit, actually fight useless hordes of strollers and seek a strategy to save the remnants of civilization. Considered one of those heroes, they have discovered themselves in the most disgusting players and can become.

Features of the Mod Apk

  • Unlimited gold
  • Unlimited cash
  • Ads deleted


January 18, 2021

4.1 and later versions

Varies by device

Understand it
Google Play

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