DEAD WARFARE: RPG Zombie Shooting Mod Apk 2.19.6 (Unlimited Life)

DEAD WARFARE: RPG Zombie Shooting – Gun Games Mod Apk 2.19.6 – Shooting sport in which avid players will be transferred to 2072. It is a zombie apocalypse that has turned tens of billions of individuals into bloodthirsty mutants destroying everything in its path. The players would be the commanders of the group of survivors, which coincides on the road with a process, however essential it may be. The fighters dream of collectively gathering all those who escaped the infection and build a safe metropolis for them, in a position to face the onslaught of any number of zombies. Properly, meanwhile, they must approach through the occupied territories, gather sources, rescue them in misery, and seek intelligence. DEAD WARFARE: Zombie Shooting – Gun Games Apk Mod Mod is a basic zombie that captures the sport the place you need to fight the lifeless strolling and keep them away from the main character.

The plot of the sport refers to the 12 months of 2037, when after the apocalypse, the world was invaded by zombies. It is imperative to select a personality and try to survive this hell, clearing the territory of zombies and mutants. Take the gun, fill grenades and first aid kits, shoot your head and do not go to the enemies not a single chance. The sport has modes like: a marketing campaign, divided into dozens of ranges, duels and survival, the place you can keep as long as possible, overcoming the waves of enemies. At the time of the battle, the character is in one place and can only turn around. Zombies assault on all sides, you need to aim at them and shoot from the set. At first you will only have one weapon, but it is surely enough to bathe the bloodless to the lifeless. As soon as all the waves of monsters are destroyed, the extension is taken into account and the participant will get dollars and gold bars. Between intervals, the price goes back to the main menu, the place where you can possibly rent more shooters and upgrade your weapons, buy new armor, first aid kits and grenades. You will quickly have 4 characters directly under your management, among which you will exchange in battle and successfully take care of zombies.

Features of the Mod Apk

  • The bullet does not decrease but increases
  • Unlimited life.


February 8, 2021

4.4 and later versions


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