Dino Quest 2: Jurassic Bones in 3D Dinosaur World Mod Apk 0.29


Dino Quest 2: Jurassic Bones 3D Dinosaur World Mod Apk 0.29 – Think of your own home in a Jurassic world, the place where you could explore 3D dinosaurs and fossils with just a few clicks on your mobile phone: welcome to Dino Quest 2, the sequel to the highly acclaimed paleontology / dinosaur recreation, Dino Quest! Travel the world and discover fossil after fossil to assemble the variety of your museum in the best recreation of cellular paleontology. Dig up dinosaur bones, new fossils and start your individual Jurassic park at your dino museum. Speaking of a dinosaur museum, this time, he will be left behind in the administration of his very personal dino museum. Invite additional guests with new and spectacular dinosaur species you dug up in your excavations to check out paleontology. Absolutely 3D dinosaur fashions for you to discover: it’s a fallen Jurassic world, once again. A number of totally different species of dinosaurs await you, the best paleontologist we have. Take an increasing number of guests to your museum to make extra money and improve your operations and discover many more dinosaur fossils. Manage your individual museum and see how it develops. Let’s give the dinosaurs back to all these people.

Features of the Mod Apk

  • You can get multiple rewards without seeing ads.


January 15, 2021

5.0 and later


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