Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia Mod Apk 0.625.82908 (High Weapon Damage + One Shot Kill)

Evolution 2: The Battle of Utopia Mod Apk 0.625.82908 Shooters and Motion video games: an amazing third-person movement game with hidden places, plus sci-fi setting, aliens and different options that can definitely please all gamers who crave spectacular shots using futuristic weapons. The sequel continues to develop the historical past of the planet called Utopia. It was a real paradise the place where very rich people used to relax. And now it is a large battlefield between uncontrolled fighting robots, looters, monsters, in addition to a small variety of members of the armed forces. The latter are trying to regain management of the world or at least stabilize the state of things. Evolution 2: The Battle of Utopia Mod Apk. Game Shooters and Motion: continuation of your favorite science fiction technique with parts of RPG, the place where you will once again go to the peaceful planet Utopia.

The world that everyone knew just disappeared, as a substitute for a galactic and fun complex you will find a lot of lethal monsters, looters and robots. They are fighting among themselves, each in his own personal aspect, without guidelines and allies. Participate in many battles, using essentially the most effective weapons and strange abilities of the main character named Captain Blake. Get homework and continue with your execution, destroy any enemy that has your method. The game combines a number of instructions: defensive technique in Tower Protection format, first-person shooter and full RPG, which allows you to pump knowledge and weapons of the main character in a series of branches. You may take part in multiplayer battles, trying to win each battle and climb to the top of the world ranking counter, getting good bonuses and upgrades. In addition, all players can access the PvE campaign, where there are many bosses, eye-catching battles and always a heated atmosphere that does not allow you to get bored.

Features of the Mod Apk

  • High weapon damage
  • One Shot Kill

(not for all rivals)


February 1, 2021

4.4 and later versions


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