Granny vs Impostor: Spy Master Mod Apk 0.1.7

Granny vs Impostor: Spy Master Mod Apk 0.1.7 – Do you want moving images? Are you able to help Grandma? She’s a spy! Grandma wants your help to defeat the evil and unhealthy in this ACTION espionage sport. 0070: Obsolete finger! Go ahead and shoot! Your survival depends on you! Play for FREE now. Save the world and live before the start of bingo !! I hope you are interested in rocket-propelled wheelchairs and defeats the purple imposter. GET Grandma some gas for the wheelchair This is not only a huge sport of nice sniper. It’s so much more! However, with talent you can become a weapon by capturing control. Battle and survive! Help Grandma sneak into the buildings to get secret details about the purple imposter who stole your grandchildren. And take revenge on the purple impostors who destroyed your ice cream. Get away from grandma safely! It’s a struggle for survival! Who is this for? People who like to capture video games without spending a dime. Click on the sport of the ball! Yes! Plus, fun sniper video games.

Play challenging fashion-themed puzzles to help you figure out that great look. And don’t forget to customize your personal signature type along with your avatar and keep fighting that purple imposter. Take advantage of your driving experience. This sport is simple. CHOOSE from many modern garments to create the right look. Destroy all the purple impostors inside the huge fun sniper sport they have in mind. Hit your head! SOLVE addictive puzzles with difficult obstacles in a struggle for survival. STYLIZE your avatar grandmother and give her the courage to fulfill her wishes and stand out in battle discipline. WIN YOUR FRIENDS! Beat the grades and present who is the most orderly! Exploit these enemies along with your grandmother grandmother. SNEAK spies on your media using puzzles. PULL and save! UP and get to the maximum using your cane! Take advantage of all the grades and get to the top for free. That greater physical energy! The world wants you! Play this sport without spending a dime.

This includes:

  • Tremendous grandmother!
  • He drives wheelchairs with rockets.
  • Throwing out your good prostheses!

The right way to play these free mini-video games:

  • Drive to hit your wheelchair with the purple impostor that destroyed your ice cream.
  • Drag and climb to collect secret paperwork or treasures locked inside safes.
  • Develop the objects of the puzzle thriller that you will steal from the evil signatures.
  • Shoot and make sure Grandma can survive, survival is vital to winning. Be careful with that ball! Use your cane! And fight! Become a weapon to capture these video games and defeat the purple imposter.
  • Climb the buildings to get to the helicopter. Watch out for the drone with a gun. The purple imposter will possibly shoot you!

Features of the Mod Apk

  • Use the tickets casually
  • You need to disconnect from the Internet to enter the game


February 26, 2021

4.4 and later versions


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