Horrorfield – Multiplayer Survival Horror Game Mod Apk 1.3.14 (Map Mod + Freeze Everyone)

Horrorfield – Multiplayer Survival Horror Game Mod Apk 1.3.14 is a good cooperative movement sport with PvP pieces, which allows players to become direct individuals from a medium horror movie. Dixicam isometric, a maze full of traps, assorted objects, weapons, places to cover, 4 individuals caught here involuntarily and a maniac who decided to rearrange the hunt for the next meat. It is extremely resilient and almost invulnerable, so players must act in unity and manpower, the only technique to survive and discover a technique to eliminate the nightmare nightmare today. Horrorfield Apk Mod is a real-time survival simulator, the place where the participant chooses who he is: the one who suffers or the ruthless maniac. The action event within the sport depends entirely on the aspect chosen. We should perform a wide range of tasks, trying to survive or, conversely, catch different players and make them suffer. The game is fascinating, no matter how simple the weather, the areas are designed to the best degree and the sound results and background music will not allow you to get bored.

4 completely different clients participate in each new sport, act as victims and a random maniac. The main process is survival. In fact, you can try to disguise yourself behind one of the many shelters and anticipate the tip of the sport. However, you can most likely be discovered and hung incorrectly on sharp hooks. You want to transfer through the situation, restore the engines that can help you unlock the door and get out. The maniac will quickly see through the place and if he finds a patient, he is prone to catch up and put him in a cage. It doesn’t matter if you lose or win or not, each participant will get knowledge factors and foreign money. All of this is spent to increase the talent and experience of your fees. Rhythm of movement, generator restoration rate, resistance and extra. The game is constantly transformed, the problem will increase and the participant becomes more cunning and it will not be very easy to capture them.

Features of the Mod Apk

  • Map Mod
  • Freeze them all

When you enable the MOD to freeze all, maphack will be activated. About the map mod when you enter the game, you will have red eyes and a green eye at the top of the screen, when you click on the red eyes it will show you the situation of pyscho and the green eye will show you the situation of another player. If you do not see the eyes, go to the game settings and then you will have a lot of options in Russian, so just click on all IDK I do not understand Russian, so I also clicked on all of them and then try to play again . NO LONGER ENABLE DISPLAY RECORDS
I think the second option on the left side of the settings screen will enable maphack and then disable AI from the right side to freeze everyone.


March 25, 2021

4.4 and later versions


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