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GenresVideo Players & Editors
DeveloperInshot Inc.

Hundred years ago, people were living very happily and peacefully without any luxuries of life. Some years later, their attraction will be much weaker than now, but we can save our memories with images and videos. These videos and images can make us combine while the full family watches it in a friendly environment. For this purpose, we collect our memories through videos and pictures. Inshot mod apk can help us to save our memories in the form of videos.

Videos and images are memorable moments. We miss our moments. These moments bring a smile to our faces.

What is inshot mod apk?

In this era, due to the development of technology, we can do anything whatever we want. But we don’t bring those times who will pass away. But we will refresh our memories in the form of videos and images. inshot mod apk helps you to refresh your memories.

inshot mod apk, you can edit your videos freely without any limitations. In the era of social media, many people upload videos and images. While watching these videos, we want to make these kinds of videos professional, but we can’t do it.

Now don’t worry. inshot mod apk will help you make videos for Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, WhatsApp, and other apps. You know many other apps which are very expensive and useless. You can spend your money on those useless apps. You need something special. The special thing is in front of you.

As a professional, they take beautiful images without any special camera or app. But we don’t do it. So inshot mod apk is helping us to make stunning images like professionals. So this app is just like a birthday gift to us.

inshot mod apk is on the play store, and its rating is 4.8. This is special and unique from others. This is the best editing app for your videos, birthday videos, short films, and more.

inshot mod apk
inshot mod apk

Premium Feature

inshot mod apk is unique from others. So unique things have some qualities and features just because of these features, and quality is better than others. So these qualities and features are given below:

Best video editor

You know many video editing apps, but this is different from others. In this app, you have so many editing tools which help you to edit your videos. Sometimes those things are captured in a video we don’t like, so don’t worry about it.

Trim and cut effects

Trim and cut effects help you cut useless things in your videos. This also helps you in each and every part of your video. And your video helps you when you are in life. So these videos help you to bring a smile to your face. 


No watermark

inshot mod apk, you have no logo or watermark of any other app. Therefore, you can remove it from this app.

Chroma key

This is an amazing option for removing a green background. This technique is commonly used in film editing, but you can use it in your video or images.

Combining the images

In this app, you can also apply another scenery to your video or images.

MultiMusic applies to pictures.

We can collect some images like childhood to teenage and put them on music that sounds so amazing, or we can apply music to our normal video.

Text on video

In this app, you have this amazing feature. In this feature, you can text on your video to make it beautiful or text any quote from a famous person.

Crop and polishing

In this app, you can also crop your video in and out. You have also polished your videos without any problem.

Blur effect 

In this app, you have a blur effect, meaning you can blur your background in your video. This is just an amazing effect. I like it so much.

Animation Video effect 

Professionals add the animation effect with so much experience and high-quality pc. But in this, you don’t need any experience. In this app, animation effects are so easy.

Sound Effects

In this app, the quality of sound is amazing. If you apply some poetry lines, these are clearly heard without difficulty.

Combining the videos

In this app, you can also combine two or more videos.


The sound of stickers can refresh our childhood memories. While the stickers are present in the shop, we take these stickers and put them on our school notes to make them beautiful. Today the sticker should be beautiful when we put it on our videos. 

Easy to use

This app you don’t have any difficulty using it. This is such a simple but amazing app.

Rotate at 90 degree

This app can also rotate your picture in any direction or on any side.

No advertisement

In this app, no advertisements disturb you, so you can use it freely.

Free to use

This app is free for anyone without spending a penny.

Making collage

In this app, you have a special feature that is collage. So you can also make a collage with many images without any problem.

Centre of attraction

Some special and unique quality of this app everyone uses, so this app is attractive to anyone.

Video speed controller

Sometimes the main issue in the video is speed control. Now your problem is solved. In this app, you can also control the speed of the video. In this app, you can also control the speed of the video. You can fast or slow the video. The slow-mo effect is amazing.


This app uses 3d graphic techniques, which can help the high rate of this app.

Export your videos with your friends

This is helping you to save your memories and share them with your old friends. This is an amazing quality that can help you to share with your friends precious moments.

Advantages & Disadvantages

  • With this app, you have so many advantages & Video Filter, some of which I mention. But one of the most is now talking about this amazing advantage is those videos we share with friends. These videos are not leaked, so we can share them without hesitation.
  • While using the app, you can’t store any face data. In addition, personal Identifiable Information cannot share your data with any third personality. For sharing purposes, you should use email.


is it free from ads?

yes, this app is free from an ad. You can use it freely without any disturbance.

In this app, do we have any limitations?

No, in this app, you freely use all tools, filters, and others.

what is inshot mod apk?

This is a modified version of inshot.

differentiate between inshot and mod apk?

in inshot video maker, you have paid for it and have so many limitations. But the mod version has no limitations and is free to use.

Can we get this app on the play store?

no, this app does not exist on the play store. The download button is present on the upper. You can get it without any problem.


Unlike the other apps, this app has some unique quality. This is because inshot mod apk has so many features and so many qualities. Because of these qualities, this is at the top of the list. I hope I mention these qualities in this article for your confirmation. You know thousands of apps, but it’s different from others. I hope you will try and enjoy the app while editing your videos.

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