Is It Love? Colin – Romance Interactive Story Mod Apk 1.3.360

Is it love? Colin – Romance Interactive Story Mod Apk 1.3.360 – You come from a small town, you have a well-ordered life: primary research, a really respectful young man and old people who have decided on your future. At all times you dreamed of changing pianists. However, your father didn’t look at him with a beneficial eye, so you probably did what was expected of you. After that, in the future, you felt trapped in your monotonous life. So you decided to go all out and move to New York. However, after so few years, after separating your desires, your piano picked up mud and your mojo disappeared. At the company Carter discovered a safe job in the workplace and good friends. And one night, Matt invites you to a live rock performance. A live performance that adjusts every thing. Your encounter with Colin, the leader of the group, transforms your world upside down. This black-hearted character as exciting as inaccessible will awaken that obsolete fireplace that burned in your heart: your love for music …

Features of the Mod Apk

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February 19, 2021

4.1 and later versions


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