Legend of Tharsis Mod Apk 1.14 (One Shot Kill)


Legend of Tharsis Mod Apk 1.14 is an easy-to-play travel recreation that offers the perfect style of play along with a powerful story. The sport reveals an exciting journey of 4 heroes who oppose highly effective enemies of the Chaos dimension. Discover planetary bases, more than intelligent cosmic ships and even a mysterious dungeon. Collect weapons, historical artifacts, magic crystals and combat powerful alien robots and monsters. Designed for a rewarding game, Legend of Tharsis is optimized for all mobile units. Suitable for all casual and hardcore gamers, the trip is delivered in small but entertaining elements so you can play anytime, anywhere. The trip also features pieces of caterpillars similar to scoundrels and dungeons.


– 4 distinctive heroes with distinctive arts and talents.
– Beautiful story so you can reveal worlds of science fiction and fantasy
– Completely different areas so you can discover planets, bases, ships and a dungeon.
– Boss struggles
– Lots of particular art and artifacts.
– Increase your heroes with steroids.
– Mineral upgrade equipment.
– Saving your progress in the cloud.

Features of the Mod Apk

  • One Shot Kill
  • Weak enemy attacks


January 14, 2021

6.0 and above


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