Love Live! School Idol Festival (JP) Mod Apk 9.0 (Autoplay PG to AP)

Live love! School Idol Festival (JP) Mod Apk 9.0 – The newly drawn costumes that can only be seen here at College Idol μ’s and Aqours are added one after the other. Enjoy an easy-to-handle rhythmic movement recreation with simple college idols.

■ Live part ■
Toss the screen in response to the music or track.
It contains almost all the songs from “Love Stay!” And “Love Stay! Sol !!”

■ Part of the story ■
You may enjoy not only rhythm video games and sound recreation components, but story components.
Full voice for a fun story with simple college idols!
Also, in case you delve into the link, you will be able to learn only one particular story.

■ Event ■
Much nicer with a limited time opportunity.
There are many methods to play, similar to an occasion when everyone cooperates, an occasion where you can learn the unique story and a game as opposed to up to 100 people.

“Nakayoshi Party”
Get your goals in cooperation with your friends. Xiang Xiang with everyone
“Osali Rally”
We benefit from the story as we traverse the map with the members.
“Matching rating”
Take a look at your experience with standard songs. It plays in opposition to up to 100 people.

■ Original unit ■
Many cute college idols similar to μ and Aqours have appeared.
Build your personal unit together with your favorite members

■ Membership and training ■
Let’s prepare and develop the collected members working for!
The more you develop, the higher your resident score will be.

Features of the Mod Apk

Automatically play PG to AP
how to adjust AllPerfect adjust time -10


March 18, 2021

4.0 and later


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