Metal Shooter: Run And Fight Mod Apk 1.92


Metal Shooter: Run And Fight Mod Apk 1.92 is a new shooter based primarily on motion recreation. You will fight in opposition to enemies trying to invade the world. Decide your steel gear soldier the best weapons and save the world. Metal Shooter: is a 2D platform game based on weapons and operation. You can possibly equip your steel soldier with equipment such as armor, helmets, steel helmets and many others. Then you will use archery, computer weapons, heavy machine guns, pistols, rockets, everything you need to use and you will fight against enemies on the battlefield. Inside the Sport Shooter there are 2 completely different decisions. One of them is survival mode. Within survival mode, you will choose your weapon, run on the battlefield, and fight to the death. In the course of the battle you should have full ammunition. Another is the Missions mode. You will fight against enemies in numerous stages on the 2D platform. For lovers of 2D Survival and 2D Taking pictures of offline fashion video games, this recreation is a must. Use the joystick or button controller to maneuver. To jump, press the up button and, next to the fire, press the fireplace button. Modify the driver settings for yourself. And don’t forget to use completely different weapons and bombs. He decides on a pistol, a shotgun, heavy machine guns and three different types of rockets (RPG, AT4 ..) and shoots. The sport is completely free !. You don’t want wifi to work. You can play every time, wherever you want. We are growing our recreation to convey a breath of contemporary air in the style of making video games.


– Traditional 2D platform and recreation based mainly on recreation.
– Exciting enemies and maps.
– Survival Sport Mod!
– Own goal system. Aim at enemies and targets for you.
– Automatic recharging system.
– 2D Sport Platform Mod.
– 3 completely different missions for each stage.
– More than 50 weapons. (weapons, rockets, rifles and bombs)
– Objects that can be improved and improved. (weapons, equipment, camouflage, clothing)
– Good enemies.
– Complete customizable character.
– Incredibly simple and fun recreation!
– Extremely HD graphics.
– Simple aiming system.
– Easy driver.
– Boss fights!
– Properly designed characters.
– Large and balanced ranges.
-A map for now: the cemetery may be with you.

Features of the Mod Apk

Use as many gold coins as you can; the mandatory use of diamonds and the more you use.
Reminder: The first time you enter the club’s card store, you exit the game and re-enter to play normally.


January 18, 2021

4.4 and later versions


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