Motor Tour Mod Apk 1.0.6 (Unused Banknotes)


Motor Tour Mod Apk 1.0.6 – Arcade of limitless game racing where players can enjoy not only solo rides on direct multi-track tracks, but also real-time multiplayer competitions. Many areas and surroundings, varied private missions, PvP duels and much more will please fans of the style. And the presence of several dozen bicycles, which could be upgraded and upgraded to suit their wishes, is a sure-fire discovery of a named choice that may simply be definitive for one or another desire to drive on busy roads. Motor Tour Mod Apk – Bicycle racing arcade and individual first sight, the place where you will discover dozens of tracks, reasonable weather conditions and a wide variety of racing bikes.

Six key modes have been added to the game, starting from the traditional profession, fast racing, unlimited time racing and day racing. Historically, the profession is the main mode, the essential place to perform safe functions, passing through the tracks full of cars and vans. The strains can be quite different, altering the background of the areas, the amount and the different vehicles, in addition to their route. If you need it, you can activate dynamic weather conditions or select rain, snow, strong wind or nebula. You can experiment under the sun or under the sun of the lanterns, all the pieces depend solely on you and your preferences. Between races you have to go to the store and buy new faster bikes there. If you don’t have enough money for a new bike, you can spend it on improving the efficiency of your current bike by pumping: maneuverability, engine power, and braking system. All this can mean that you can acquire an extra pace in much less time and maneuver efficiently in a dense flow of cars.

Features of the Mod Apk

  • Unused tickets


January 19, 2021

4.2 or more


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Motor Tour v1.0.6 Mod

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