Mythical Hearts: Romance you Choose Mod Apk 2.0.7 (Free Premium Choices)

Mythical Hearts: Romance you Choose Mod Apk 2.0.7 – Life hits rock bottom when you lose your job and residence at some point. However, after a collection of occasions that takes you to some mystical and handsome strangers, it almost seems like a destination. You will be surprised to see that these are not abnormal guys – they are a faucet, a phoenix and a unicorn in disguise, they usually want your help. Comedy and travel follow one another as you try to help your new friends navigate the human world and see their missions. However, that happens once you start falling for them next to the way you select your legendary love story in Legendary Hearts.

■ Characters ■

◇ The Cocky Griffin – Griff ◇

Griff is the president of his new company and a successful boss. His easy and important perspective makes it difficult to deal with, but workers and co-workers respect him equally. However, Griff harbors harmful feelings toward people after the best treasure of his career has been stolen. Are you able to persuade Griff that these preconceived notions are wrong and help him believe once again?

◇ The Boyish Phoenix – Fay ◇

Fay might also be a little distracted and clueless when it comes to the human world, but he is fiercely protecting his friends and wanting to be taught. Fay has to show up, but his coronary heart variety usually makes him annoying. Will you be the one to teach him the best way to love and be liked?

◇ The Unicorn Cryptic – Nicola ◇

No one can see Nicola’s brilliant, mysterious smile. He keeps to himself and maintains a relaxed demeanor all the time, but at night you hear him scream as the shadows of a horrible previous man threaten his current. Are you able to reach Nicola’s delicate soul and present to her that it’s okay to embrace her true feelings?

Features of the Mod Apk

  • Free Premium Options

No ruby ​​consumption


March 24, 2021

5.0 and later


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