Need for Speed™ No Limits Mod Apk 5.0.4 (No Damage)

Need for Speed ​​™ Mod Limits Apk 5.0.4 is an ELECTRONIC ARTS mobile mission within the well-known collection of racing video games with an arcade part. Avid gamers have historically got high-quality graphics, relaxed physics, simple controls, plus a deep set of automotive fashions that you can store in your storage. Modernization and customization can also be on the potential checklist. The correct adjustment of the strokes of the equipment will allow you to get a bonus on the skillful opponents and get them the victory in vital competitions on the streets of the city. Fans of the collection and representatives of simply high-quality style should no doubt test their skills in this sport. Need for Speed ​​™ No Limits Apk Mod is a sequel to your favorite racing simulator with interesting graphics and dynamic racing through the night streets of the huge metropolis. Although the new half has moved to a completely different metropolis, police vehicles will chase it for the first alternative. Because of this, the sport has the range, dynamics and extremely atmospheric racing that so many players have enjoyed since Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted.

Unfortunately, controls like life needed to be sacrificed for exciting gameplay and now you should only have a few buttons responsible for the turns. The car moves by itself, slows down the turns and we have to steer it quickly on the monitor, using nitrous oxide from time to time. So there’s no brake button inside the sport, you don’t want to, the races are too dynamic and there are no sharp turns. The sport has a number of races, in addition to fascinating sports modes, the place where you will have to compete, each for time, speed and towards the real players. When you win, the reward is cash, plans and reputation factors. Plans want to unlock new cars and, with reputable and effective factors, you can improve your future automotive sports activities.

Features of the Mod Apk

  1. Infinite Nitrous (affects AI)
  2. No damage
  3. AI + Easy Drive are broken (facilitates offline racing).

Installation steps:

  1. The device must already be fully installed and open the original version of Playstore before installing the mod, otherwise there will be a certification error if it is installed on a device that has never touched the original.
  2. You must have an ARM64 compatible device or emulator.
  3. Just download and install, but make sure the original version is not installed as the signed Mod cannot install the top of the original version.

• It looks like no one is making or copying APK for this game. So here we go, a classic mod APK like I used to post during versions 1.3.x – 1.7.x about 3-4 years ago (# 1 and # 2).

• As usual with all my free mods for those who know me, I don’t update my free versions very often, so if a new version comes out, I probably won’t update this mod until weeks after the game is updated or end up forgetting it. Don’t worry, I’m sure someone will pull my compensations as before and update in my place.


February 21, 2021

4.4 and later versions


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