Raid the Dungeon (KR) Mod Apk 5.10.1 (Menu Mod)


Raid the Dungeon: Idle RPG Heroes AFK or Tap Tap (KR) Mod Apk 5.10.1 – The delight of Korea’s idle RPG! As soon as it’s available, you get the benefits. There is a sport to offer.

-Monthly monthly payment 30 days instantly
-Fast upload of three hell tool purchase vouchers
-Instant cost of three holy tool options
-100% ensured rapid development with abundant assistance to examine compensation

■ Probably the most practical idle RPG. Raising the idle guy!
The concord of AFK style and IDLE sport, absolutely the power of idle video games.
No extra nogada!
An idle role-playing sport that grows easily by simply activating it, ready for busy fashion people.
Computerized talent, computerized appearance, an inactive system that becomes stronger even than offline!
We’ve even prepared an influence saving mode to save a lot of battery.
All the appeal of 2D, not 3D.

Unlimited development system that is very simple
Is this careless? Is that OZO? AFK this?
Robotic degree while exploring dungeons.
Gather tools and artifacts to increase energy.
Even a system without processes that helps development and agriculture.
There is no reincarnation. Infinite development with a funding of 10 minutes a day !!
Just develop my warrior!
Don’t forget to frame it at this point once again. I neglect. I neglect.

The best collectible role-playing game with totally different scales
More than 500 avatars.
More than 200 tools, dozens of artifacts.
Raising more than 100 types of peers.
Dying knight, dragon, elf, dwarf, crusader, dying knight hunter, Odin, middle age knight, monster hunter, goblin hunter, medieval knight, royal knight, etc. Customize!

■ Infinite agriculture content material
The fantastic of an idle RPG!
Travel mode, regular dungeon, grading dungeon, rift and zero crack mode. Infinite area!
All this in a single AFK and IDLE.
Cultivate endlessly in numerous sport modes to get rich rewards and become stronger.

A turbulent PVP area to take the throne
Combining tools, heroes, experience and teammates to fight the strongest PVP technique.
Purpose for the throne with the character you could develop with your personal technique.
And PVP can be neglected. It’s an idle RPG. A real idle breeding sport!

Warrior, now, Drew and Drew!

Features of the Mod Apk

  • Menu
  • Mute enemy
  • Higher attack speed


January 27, 2021

4.4 and later versions


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