Red Sword Mod Apk 137 (Unlimited Use of Currency)

Red Sword Mod Apk 137 is a new mission from the creators of Tower of Hero and a lot of fascinating leisure in retro model. Each game and appearance. In this case they can discover the mechanics of click and movement. There are simpler battles and controls. Players only have to click on the screen in time for the main character to hit precisely along with his sword the crowd of opponents. The prizes and trophies obtained present pumping experience, buy new weapons and different fascinating and useful problems. This will soon probably be useful for anyone who dares to go to more harmful places. Red Sword Apk Mod is a fascinating travel game, during which it is worth defending the traditional sword of the most unusual monsters. There is no particular story or plot within the game, we simply say that there is a sword, which is worth defending at the cost of your life and if it is destroyed, the game will probably end.

The game is played by a brave knight, armed with a sharp sword, measurement and energy, which will increase from stage to stage. Gameplay is divided into ranges, which on several occasions run through a number of places that differ not only in appearance but also in the type of enemies. At first you can choose strange slugs, which transfer in the direction of the sword inside the crowd and try to break with the brave hero. You, at another time, should quickly click on the system program and thus send overwhelming blows. If someone manages to get to the sword, they can start attacking her and strive not to enable this end result. Passing the titles allows you to earn money and cash, within which you can find useful crystals and problems that considerably strengthen the character. You can possibly get so many sword lives, in addition to the injuries caused by the character, the passive experience, and the particular experience that are activated after the buildup.

Features of the Mod Apk

  • Unlimited use of currency


March 28, 2021

4.1 and later versions


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