Shooter Unknown BattleGround – SUBG Mod Apk 1.18


Shooter Unknown BattleGround – SUBG Mod Apk 1.18 – Official SUBG exclusively for mobile phones. It allows traditional maps and online modes anytime, anywhere. SUBG Gaming offers a free phone move for multiple players. He falls, gets in shape and plays. Survive common epic, 4v4 and 8v8 deathmatch squad with fast pace. Survival is important and success is what is maintained.

Usual HD gaming console with customizable buttons, voice chat and on-screen text content and fun 3D graphics and music. Experience the joy of the most beloved sports of taking photos on this planet and now you can enjoy a simple experience on your pill. Most

2. True game environment
Superior anti-cheating device that offers a good sports experience for all SUBG smartphone players.

3. Deathmatch mode
From the standard 100-player mode, the exciting loading mode to the fast-paced Arcade and 4v4 Group Deathmatch mode, and the sharp Zombie mode. Everyone has one thing. Everyone has one thing to offer. He plays solo, in duet and in 4-player squads. Fire your weapon as much as the contents of your coronary heart.

4. Anti-dishonest
Common day-to-day actions and competitions and updates to stream new options and game modes to keep SUBG MOBILE up and up. Our robust and efficient anti-cheating programs preserve a good and fair gaming environment during which everyone adheres to the principles.

5. Customize the weapon
The participant can customize their weapons as needed. With excellent pores and skin sample. Not only can these soldiers change their front grip, add muffler to your weapon. You can possibly modify the weapon by including the sight / scope in your weapon to shoot the larger sight.

6. Deathvatch 8v8 mode
Tired of fast arcade and 4m4 group Deathmatch mode. There’s no extra, let’s smash in 8v8 group Deathvatch mode.

Features of the Mod Apk

  • The more vignettes you use


January 19, 2021

5.1 and later versions


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