Space Shooter – Galaxy Attack Mod Apk 1.485 (Unlimited Diamonds/Cards/Medal)


Space Shooter – Galaxy Attack Mod Apk 1.485 is an arcade shooter made with the best traditions of his style rooted in the slot machine period, but only with trendy graphics. Enemy ships of the Navy invaded and simply handled the fleet of defenders who were not prepared for such a growth of the plot. Only one pilot is ready for combat, and in fact this position corresponds to the players. Hurry to the bowels of the enemy swarm, eliminate all threats, deal with mother ships, accumulate trophies, pump your fighter and try to break through the main boss. Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack Mod Apk is a vertical scrolling shooter with steep spaceships and exciting ranges, the place where you can be ready to shoot with alien creatures.

Earth is attacked by unknown alien ships. Get on your ship, armed with highly effective weapons and you will defend your home, fight again against the invaders and do not allow them to control the environment of the planet. You will discover a basic game, the place where the ship will attack and shoot one shell after another. It is essential to manage the path of their movement and not allow them to collide with hostile creatures and shot by enemy shells. Each degree is divided into a series of waves. They are differentiated by the type of enemies and their number. At the end, almost all the time, you will be ready for the boss, destroying it you can move on to a new scenario. You have earned money and jewelry that you can spend on buying new spaceships and upgrading them. To begin with, it is necessary to improve the damage, the pace of capture and not to forget the armor defense and vitality. For those who get bored of fighting bots, try PvP mode, the place where your enemies will likely be real players.

Features of the Mod Apk

  1. Free shopping for real money
  2. Vip
  3. Money
  4. Deus mod


January 14, 2021

4.1 and later versions


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