Stay Alive Mod Apk 0.10 (Zombies Do No Damage)

Stay Alive Mod Apk 0.10 is an attractive digital camera with isometric graphics and motion within the zombie apocalypse setup with safe survival components. The main factor here is movement, movement, threat elimination and the already associated assortment of provisions and Kraft. However, at the same time there is no direct twisting inside the building and the association of a safe area for a peaceful guard in it. Thus, followers of extra dynamic initiatives with such a method will respect the product. Ahead are extraordinarily damaging conditions, dangerous operations, spectacular prizes and many different problems that leave not a minute of time boring in the sport. Stay Alive Apk Mod is an attractive and interesting motion sport with survival simulator components. The sports movement takes place in a world where a horrible virus has contaminated most civilians and now zombies are roaming the streets. Walking lifelessly slowly transforms through the streets of the city in search of new victims, not allowing them to approach the main character and move away from them.

You will want to discover a whole new world, look for beneficial assets, and create instruments, weapons, and clothing. Beware, evil creatures and wild animals will probably be ready for you. Climb from behind and make the crushing blows invisible to enemies. Your purpose is to survive and how to do it precisely does not matter. You will be able to steal different players, accumulate assets and Kraft or just add to it. The sport has a variety of things for Kraft, you can create not only instruments, but also weapons, which embrace sharp blades and shotguns with machines. With the management of any problems will not appear, it is normal for video games of this style and offers a digital joystick with a set of buttons. Graphics also cause only constructive feelings. Detailed locations, wonderful physics, animation and results, and music and sounds realistically convey everything that happens in a world ruled by zombies.

Features of the Mod Apk

  • Zombies do no harm


February 4, 2021

6.0 and above

Varies by device

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