Steampunk Tower 2: The One Tower Defense Strategy Mod Apk 1.1.2

Steampunk Tower 2: The One Tower Defense Strategy Mod Apk 1.1.2 is a sequel to the superb recreation of the tower protection technique. Or reasonably one, no matter how much he is bristling at various instructions with barrels. Players will face a new threat to the chosen steampunk universe. However, this time they have experience, in addition to an excellent secret base. Thus the enemy will not get rid of him. Players will not only fight the enemy military, but will also have a good time cultivating infrastructure, conducting scientific analysis, as well as touring throughout Europe. Indeed, the graphic signature will please everyone with its originality and high quality. Steampunk Tower 2 Apk Mod is the second part of your favorite action strategy, the place where you can be ready once again for the numerous battles in steampunk fashion. The history of the sport is a long battle, which includes everyone who cares about the fate of the world. You will have to run a base located within the mountains of Spain, build a cell base and take care of everyone around you.

The sport has some form of mission designation: story missions are marked with crimson icons, random encounters with enemies are marked with yellow, and private missions are marked with blue. Before the start of the battle, it is important to choose the cannons that could be put inside the tower. Initially you will only have two common machine guns. At the time of the battle the tower is placed in the middle of the screen. The cannons will move from one facet to the opposite, just choose a machine gun and indicate the place you want to transfer. You may be opposed by foot troops, helicopters, rocket launchers, and more. For those who win, you get a nice reward within the type of knowledge factors, money, crystals and additional shells. Inside the armory you should buy and upgrade weapons, and the lab is required to study new applied sciences and their later use in battles.

Features of the Mod Apk

  • Unlimited diamonds *
  • Unlimited money *
  • Unlimited resources *

* Increase when spent

Note: Only the modification does not work for the purchase of gold coins and green crystals in the store “Resources”


March 28, 2021

5.0 and later

Varies by device

Understand it
Google Play

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