Switchcraft: The Magical Match 3 & Mystery Story Mod Apk 0.35.0


Switchcraft: The Magical Match 3 & Mystery Story Mod Apk 0.35.0 – Welcome to Pendle Hill, the highest academy for witches. Tucked inside the small town of Ipswich, Massachusetts, is the residence to outdo your college students; a dark and magical thriller is stirring that can shake the world of witches to its core. Lydia, an 18-year-old Pendle Hill freshman, has disappeared, a conspiracy is emerging and it’s the same as her friend, Bailey, solving the thriller. Gaia is aware that Bailey can use your help. Using your matching experience, you unlock a rich mature story full of meaningful relationships, secrets, and puzzles, in an interactive experience, place the alternatives you make, and take Bailey down completely different paths. You can decide who you believe in, who you don’t, who you want, and who you really like. While puzzling your way through many fascinating intervals, this charming graphic novel unfolds to reveal the reality behind Lydia’s tragic disappearance. Forged spells, discover clues, get rewards and combine 3 extra magic jewels or crystals to harness the powers of witchcraft in an exciting interactive fantasy story of the city. In this journey set in a sorcerous world of the twentieth century, you will find witches with charming peculiarities who will become your closest friends … and others who could betray you. It’s just like you the way your story unfolds.

In Switchcraft:

  • 🔮 Find the sudden with Switchcraft Game 3: Experience in completely different directional gravities, portals, and spirits in the metaphysical realm.
  • 💎 Calm chaotic thoughts and combine 3 or more gems and crystals to spread your magicka, the supply of all magic.
  • 🗝📖 Gather Magicka crystals to harness your witchcraft powers and unlock the story of the serialized fantasy thriller of the city in this wizarding world of the 20th century.
  • ↔️ Choose your path in this interactive story for adults, rich with meaningful relationships, secrecy and magic.
  • 🔦 Work with history – solid spells and discover and acquire clues.

Features of the Mod Apk

  • Unconditional use of gold coins


January 17, 2021

5.0 and later


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