Talking Tom Hero Dash Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)


Talking Tom Hero Dash – Run Game Mod Apk is an excellent wound of Outfit7 Limited, which continues the event of the well-known universe of the cat and his friends. This time, they are going to become superheroes, which challenged a large band of raccoons. The latter have already managed to make many dangerous problems and are now preparing a very insidious plan for their execution. Players will select their favorite neighborhood, place themselves in a good time and go to the street. They should maneuver through the many obstacles, stay away from conferences with opponents, gather values, use bonuses, as well as organize epic battles with the bosses, who are already ready for Tom and the different defenders. Talking Tom Hero Dash Mod Apk is the continuation of the magnificent first days in which you will help the cat Tom and his friends in the battle towards a band of raccoons.

Tom, Angela and Hank have a new set of superpowers that you should use during the race. It is essential not only to take part in long races, but also to raise money, get away from a lot of obstacles and take care of annoying raccoons to get prizes and prizes. Ranner offers everyone a traditional game, the place where the character runs robotically and the participant must use the stilts to change the lane, jump and cross dozens of obstacles. There is nothing difficult about this, but there is a factor. You are ready for the collision with the raccoons-bosses, which have to be defeated with the help of smart fingers and extra localized objects. Throughout the race you may perform great stunts and use the talent of your heroes. Perform roof-to-roof jumps, use cranes, in addition to going to several dozen colorful places. Do not forget that raccoons are pests, they pollute the world which is crucial to restore it. Discover new worlds, earn money, amplifiers and enter interesting achievements and rewards.

Features of the Mod Apk

  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited jewelry
  • No ads
  • Free Ultra Chest


January 17, 2021

4.4 and later versions


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