The Tribez: Build a Village Mod Apk 12.10.3 (Unlimited Money)

The Tribez: Build a Village Mod Apk 12.10.3 is a beautiful simulator of Game Insight in which players will occupy the position of leader of a tribe of primitive aborigines by the will of fate, who were far from their usual habitat. But with so much help and wisdom they have nothing to worry about. Players will show them what to do, what to collect, what to build, what to cultivate and where to look for something new. The project has very beautiful graphics, animation not only of characters but also of various objects. There is also a huge world where you can travel in times when everything is normal at home and you don’t need help, as well as many other things that have made this game so popular. The natives are a megapopular social and economic strategy, where you have to build a settlement on an abandoned island.

In the game’s story, a ship with people on board crashed on the island, which was completely inhabited by natives. They don’t know who you are and consider you a certain deity, so you have to do everything for your new people to praise you. The game is traditional for games of this genre. That is, throughout the game you need to dedicate yourself to the construction of new buildings, settlement of plots, harvesting and cleaning of the garbage area. The game has some very nice color graphics, smooth animation and just an amazing variety of buildings that can be improved. Performing tasks will allow you to earn game coins and crystals. The latter allow you to access rarer types of buildings, jewelry, as well as activate amplifiers and speed up any action. The game is interesting and you can safely call it as the ancestor of the genre. It has many players, daily bonuses and very frequent updates with new content for all players.

Features of the Mod Apk

  • A large number of gold and diamond coins, carrying data for the first roll, wait patiently


March 20, 2021

5.0 and later


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