Tower of Saviors Mod Apk 19.63


Tower of the Savior Mod Apk 19.63 – In the early Iron Age, demons came to climb the Enochian tower to extract their energy. Brave heroes of the people, “Grand Sage Molly” and “Sean” the Swordsman were ahead to defend the tower and seal the facility. Since then, the battle has ceased and the world has become peaceful. People take advantage to gather their forces. Tawil established a magic group called Starmage to take care of the order of the kingdom. Magic companies had been there to unveil missions of all kinds. Among the many magic companies, “Charlouette” is made up of excellent companions of various races because of Tawil’s management. At some point, Tawil, however, was absent, which caused his son Enoch to take the place of the director …

Features of the Mod Apk

  • Multiple attack
  • Multiple defense
  • Max All Card
  • Runestone’s unlimited movement
  • Another mod needs to be translated


January 14, 2021

4.4 and later versions


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