Towerlands – Strategy of Tower Defense Mod Apk 1.13 (Unconditional use of Currency)


Towerlands: Tower Defense Mod Strategy Apk 1.13 – Beautiful and fun style graphic design, which combines the genres of “tower defense” and RPG. Players will run the castle, which is able to move independently. This opens up incredible tactical opportunities for defense and attack to its inhabitants. Especially given the fact that all events take place in a very dangerous and unstable fantasy world. Hordes of enemies, rival lords, armies of nomadic thieves, freedom-loving cities and more await the players who show up. As well as exciting battles, where each floor and each room play their part. Towerlands: Tower Defense Strategy Apk Mod – a great game that combines elements of strategy and role-playing game.

Players are invited to go to a fantasy world, where you need to become a lord of one of the castles and protect him from the terrible monsters. You also need to build a city, train soldiers and buy weapons that can stop the incursions of thieves, undead and orcs. The player will have at his disposal a battle tower, which initially only houses a couple of archers. The tower can be upgraded to get gold, while increasing the number of slots and its strength. Soon the archers will be added to the knight, who will also be in automatic mode, fighting monsters. Each character has a specific set of skills that you need to activate manually. For example, the archer is able to shoot hail arrows in the chosen area, and the knight will call two units with swords and shields, which will protect the tower. To protect yourself from strong enemies, you must improve units (inflicted damage, attack speed, attacked targets, and more). At the top of the tower modules will be placed, for example, additional archers, wizards or healers, they must also be improved to increase the overall power of the structure. Fight hordes of enemies, win, earn money and spend it on various improvements that will help you in future battles.

Features of the Mod Apk

  • Unconditional use of currency


January 26, 2021

4.4 and later versions


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