Turret Merge Defense Mod Apk 1.01 (Unlimited Gold/Diamonds/Turrets)

Turret Merge Defense Mod Apk 1.01 – Fun and exciting sport with a 1-finger touch. Play “Turret Combination Defense” now.


# 16 various types of turrets with particular and particular capacity.
# 15 World Maps with over 1500 phases.
# Exciting battle against the Boss monster that makes use of a distinctive and highly effective skill.
# Nice rewards whenever you defeat a Boss or clear a stage.
# Expert particular results by participating in a difficult fight with identical turrets. # Problem mode.
# Beautiful rewards as long as you are filled with Mission and achievements every day.
# Take a look at where you meet customers from all over the world. # World Ranking!

[How to Play]

1. Combine 2 turrets of identical type.
– Set up additional turrets using the gold obtained from the battles.
– Recycle the turrets you just don’t want anymore. You can get gold for them!

2. Accumulate items from the battle turret or buy them in the store.
– You must use the turret elements to climb the turret.
– The impact of the turret is likely to be updated whenever you climb the turret.

3. Add particular enhancement options to the turret.
– 4 different types of improvement results will be established using the improvement card in [Menu > Upgrade].
– The slot for improvement is unlocked whenever you clean a safe stage.
– You can get card items whenever you unmount an upgrade card. Use card items to enhance a card.

4. Interact in an exciting battle against monsters within Problem Mode.
– Fight monsters with identical towers.
– Ally will get buff results specific to the variety of regular deleted phases.

Features of the Mod Apk

  1. Unlimited gold
  2. Unlimited diamonds
  3. Unlimited towers


February 3, 2021

5.0 and later


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