Zombieland: AFK Survival Mod Apk 2.3.2 (God Mode + One Hit Kill)


Zombieland: AFK Survival Mod Apk 2.3.2 is a challenge of holding role-playing games as part of the second part of the zombie movie. The protagonists travel around the nation in search of a protected place. Avid players will help them with this, as they often face mutants, in addition to different risks that threaten premature extinction. Players can have a variety of characters ready to hook the team. A wide range of weapons, expert pumping, fun dialogues between rooms and more make the sport an exemplary leisure class consultant based primarily on motifs. It’s cute and nice and also zombies. What else do you want for a fantastic pastime?

Features of the Mod Apk

  1. One Hit Kill
  2. God mode
  3. No delay skills
  4. Unlimited skill points
  5. Unlimited Twinkies, to get it, go to and buy a cell for gold, and it will become an infinite amount
  6. Free upgrade rules
  7. Changing the rules is free
  8. Free in-store purchases
  9. Infinite inventory size
  10. Leveling the rules will bring you a lot of brains
  11. Replacing rules will bring up many chips
  12. During the battle, you can pump heroes non-stop, while the money will increase
  13. Free shopping with real money new
  14. Premium purchase is free new


January 19, 2021

5.0 and later


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